Sanctband 50 Yard Roll Exercise Band


Sanctband 50 Yard Roll Exercise Band provides both positive and negative force on muscles, enhances strength, increases range of motion, and promotes cooperation of muscle groups. Sanctband contains very low powder and is made of a reduced latex protein which reduces skin irritation and discomfort caused by powder and protein in natural latex and minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions. 


  • 50 yard (l) x 6 inches (w)
  • Low powder
  • Non-stick handling/usage
  • Reduction in skin irritation
  • Long-lasting usage
  • Natural Latex

50 Yard Roll Sanctband Exercise Bands

Sanctband Resistance Exercise Band is manufactured using the same process as latex-free gloves which includes using reduced protein latex and less latex powder which reduces the incidence of latex-related skin reactions.

Sanctband also passed a TUV endurance test of 10,000 stretches.

50 yards of high-quality latex Sanctband is packaged in a dispenser box that is color-coded to match the resistance level and is available in 5 levels of resistance. See below for color-coded resistance band details:

Due to the way the items are packaged, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges once the original packaging is altered (i.e., seals broken, torn perforation, etc.).